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Tips for Buying Electric Shavers For Sensitive Skin

Shaving without irritating your skin can be a dream for men who have sensitive skin. There are lots of shaving tricks and tips for men who have sensitive skin,best shaving gel but all the tips in the world won’t make a difference if the shaver is part of the problem. Buying an electric shaver that helps minimize irritation can make a big difference in your shaving experience.

Shaving Tips

For men prone to skin irritation, the first recommendation is to always shave either in the shower or immediately afterwards. The steam from the shower opens the pours and allows the shaver to move smoothly over the skin while still getting as close as possible. In addition, men with sensitive skin are also told to use shaving gel or crème that is hypo-allergenic, irritant-free, and alcohol and fragrance free to lessen the irritation of the shaver as well.

Many recommendations also include using a very light touch when shaving and using the sharpest blades possible in addition to rinsing the shaver often to ensure that the entire surface is working. Most recommendations also suggest that the angle of the blades should not be too steep but allow some edge to the cutting surface.

Electric Shavers

When buying an electric shaver for skin that is sensitive, you should take into consideration the techniques that help reduce irritation during shaving. There are several razors that are better for men facing this challenge.

The Panasonic ES-LA93-K is a wet/dry shave that can be fully immersed in water so it is perfect for using in the shower as is recommended for men prone to skin irritation. It also features a flexible head that glides over the skin quite easily allowing a gentle touch without having to force it across the skin, while still getting a close shave. When rinsing off the shaver, it uses sonic vibrations to help remove debris, so it is very clean. It also sharpens itself using nanotechnology which keeps the blades sharp which lessens skin irritation.

The Panasonic ES8243A is another great option. Like the ES-LA93-K, this shaver can be used in or out of the shower. It features a much wider cutting blade which is especially important for men with sensitive skin as it spreads the pressure out over a larger area which reduces skin irritation. The blade is also designed to glide smoothly over the skin, which is another consideration to take into account. The arced foil design is meant to ensure it cuts in one pass, so there is no need to go over and over an area to get a close shave, reducing the chance of irritation. It also rinses well using sonic vibrations to ensure all debris is removed.

The Panasonic ES8103S also is designed to avoid skin irritation. Like the other shavers, the Panasonic ES8103S can be used in the shower and features an arc foil design as well as a head that is designed to move smoothly over the skin. In addition, the shaver accelerates to 17,000 RPMs to shake off all of the debris while it is rinsed. This ensures that the shaver is completely clean between each pass.